Und das muss nur als „die Spitze des Eisberges“ bezeichnet werden ( die Luftfahrtindustrie schätzt: ein Vorfall auf jeden 2.000sten Flug . Bei der Flottengrösse und dem Flugaufkommen manch großer Airline bedeutet das: ein Vorfall pro Tag):


26.04.16:           WGN Investigates Thursday: industries dirty little secret

21.04.16:           British Airways Airbus A320 near Gothenburg, fumes in cockpit

21.04.16:           Austrian Airbus A320 near Istanbul, fumes on board

16.04.16:           Incident: Iberia Airbus A330 near Fortaleza, smoke in cabin

16.04.16:           Accident: Easyjet Airbus A319 near Toulouse, fumes in cabin

14.04.16:           George ‚Airbus‘ Orwell 2016: Airbus A320 webpage: „toxic fumes“ becomes „unpleasant smells“

11.04.16:           Machen giftige Cockpit-Gase Piloten depressiv? 

04.04.16:          Lufthansa Cityline Embraer ERJ-195, burning odor in cockpit

31.03.16:           British Airways Airbus A320 at Napels, chemical smell

30.03.16:          Lufthansa Cityline Embraer ERJ-195 near Munich, smoke on board

27.03.16:          Norwegian Boeing 737 near Stavanger, smoke in cabin

19.03.16:          Philippine Airlines Airbus A340 at Manila, smoke in cockpit

17.03.16:          Delta McDonnell Douglas MD-88 at Washington, smokey odour on board

17.03.16:          British Airways Boeing 777 near Shannon, fumes on the flight deck

17.03.16:          Lufthansa Cityline Canadair CRJ-900 near Munich, electrical odor on board

17.03.16:          3 Hour debate at Westminster Hall on cabin air and aerotoxic syndrome

16.03.16:          Tarom ATR72 at Budapest, smoke in cabin

15.03.16:          Wisconsin Canadair CRJ2 near Norfolk, smoke in cabin

14.03.16:          United Boeing 737 near Newark, strong odour

14.03.16:          Ten passengers faint on Air Europa flight from Barcelona to Tel Aviv

13.03.16:          Expressjet Embraer E145 near Lexington, smoke in cockpit

04.03.16:          Airline crews are worried about toxic fumes on board

01.03.16:          Tigerair Airbus A320, odour in cabin

01.03.16:          Rossiya Airbus A319 at St. Petersburg, smoke in cabin

29.02.16:          American Airlines Airbus A321 at Charlotte, possible fumes in cabin

27.02.16:          Danger in the air

26.02.16:          Scientists expose dangers of toxins in cabin air

26.02.16:          Lufthansa Airbus A319 at Krakow and Munich, hydraulic odour in cockpit and cabin

25.02.16:           Malaysia Airbus A380 near Kuala Lumpur, engine oil and smell

18.02.16:           Is aerotoxic syndrome the next cover-up waiting to be unravelled?

18.02.16:           Envoy Embraer E145 near Waterloo, smoke in cockpit

17.02.16:           Aviation industry’s ‚dirties secret‘

16.02.16:           Jetstar Airbus A320 at Darwin, haze in cabin

16.02.16:           Dangerous chemicals found in blood samples of cabin crew

15.02.16:           Alaska Boeing 737 at Washington, smoke in cockpit

14.02.16:           United Boeing 747 at Shanghai, odor in cabin

12.02.16:           Easyjet Airbus A319 near Rome diverted to Rome, fumes on board

12.02.15:           American Airlines Airbus A320 makes emergency landing at los Angeles due to smoke in the cabin

07.02.16:          United Airlines Canadair CRJ-700 smoke on board

04.02.16:          Emirates Boeing 777 near Trabzon, smoke in cockpit

04.02.16:          American Airlines flight makes emergency landing

31.01.16:           More fatalities linked to toxic cabin fumes

20.12.15:           Germanwings Airbus A319 near hamburg, smoke in cockpit

18.12.15:           ANA Boeing 767 near Okinawa, haze in cockpit

10.12.15:           Lufthansa Airbus A380 near Miami, smell of smoke

10.12.15:           Germanwings Airbus A320 near London, fumes on board, crew on oxygen until landing

08.12.15:          IATA Guidelines on medical response to cabin air events

05.12.15:          European Cockpit Association: Position paper on cabin air

29.11.15:           Germanwings Airbus A319 at Cologne, smell of fuel in cabin

07.11.15:           Nepal Airbus A320 near Kathmandu, odor in cockpit

04.09.15:         British Airways Boeing 777 near Frankfurt, fumes in cabin

03.09.15:         Germanwings Airbus A319 near Pisa, smokey odor on board

01.09.15:          Germanwings Airbus A320 near Cologne, smokey odor on board

01.09.15:          One in five passengers believe flights have made them sick

25.08.15:          SWISS Airbus A320 enroute, pungent smell in cockpit

23.08.15:          Worker won damages after being exposed to hydraulic fluid fumes

14.08.15:          AIIB accident investigation findings Boeing 737

13.08.15:          Gefilterte Berichterstattung

11.08.15:          Helvetic Embraer E190 near Zurich, smoke in cockpit

04.08.15:         Austrian: Smell/Fume Event on 03.08.15

26.07.15:          Lufthansa Airbus A319 near Munich, odor in cabin

22.07.15:          United Airlines – Denver to Los Angeles – passengers post selfies

18.07.15:          Easyjet Airbus A320 flight enroute to Tel Aviv diverts to Berlin after fume event

10.07.15:          Press conference on contaminated cabin air

07.07.15:          Das „aerotoxische Syndrom“ führt zu einer schleichenden Vergiftung

16.06.15:          Aircraft giant fails to block cabin fumes case

15.06.15:          NDR: BFU untersucht Zwischenfälle in Airbus-Cockpits

12.06.15:          Cognitive impairment and associated loss in brain white microstructure in aircrew members exposed to engine oil fumes

08.06.15:         ‚On the level with asbestos‘

08.06.15:         British airlines to be sued because ‚planes contain toxic air‘

08.06.15:         BBC: British airlines ‚face multiple toxic air claims‘

08.05.15:         Delta flight diverts after smoke fills cabin

case study:      Chronic exposure to organophosphates: background and clinical picture

22.03.15:         Airplane toxic fumes danger for 10 % of Brits